THE MOST EXPENSIVE FAKE T-SHIRTS IN THE WORLD - Three 'fake' t-shirts made whilst living in Shanghai, and sold
in Europe as high quality 'fakes' for €200 each. Hand printed limited edition. Individualy numbered from 1/10 to 10/10.

When Joseph traveled to China in 2008, he was looking for some one to help him to realized a project call Errors+Omission. The original Idea is to have everything made in China from Scratch. He came to the studio and talked about it. The quantity which he demanded was only 10 pieces of each on three sizes with three image of design. So we suggested him to use the ready made T-shirts from Uniqlo (which is still qualified for 100% made in China. and we executed the graphic image for him.  The standard process of Screen Printing technique could not be used for this production, in order to made the 100% High quality "fake" t-shirts to happen, we had tremendous of wastes in house. We recycled them within our later products for RE:license.

P.S. we think this is a very interesting idea as creation, in fact as Joseph had said on his page, this is a "High quality" fake. We do believe that not every single Chinese business man kins to the fakes, while we do the process on silk screen, the producer called us to say: hello, you have some mistakes on screen, it should be, "Made in China" but not "Made on China", and is that supposed to be "Calvin Klein" instead?