Sincerely what do we need in this industry?

Many years ago. we have talked about fashion industry at the beginning of the recession, we say that even we don't produce a single piece of garment, we could've still sale the available clothing for five more year. 

Now what? we've gotten even more. I should have not given myself an excuse for not continuing my design career for a while. but the simple truth is that our industry had continued doing more and more shit. some of the us have been in this industry longer enough to just for rolling the wheels. Others are new bee who thinks their are smart enough to "create" something new.

Back to the 90's, I also truly believe that I'm gonna make a statement and build a brand new concept of fashion. So i had tried very herd to "create", then I was lost, do we really need that much creativity to full fill those endless desired of human being? Or is there really something special about individual statement? Do we really care about people who we wish to dress up?

While we all are talking about sustainability and sharing economy, do we really think about how to make it profitable yet reduce the amount of wast?

Thanks for 2016, here I come again to start a new project: 4 Rent. i put the designed label on line a while ago. so now is time I will explain how it works.

[4 rent] is no longer a brand. instead, it is an experimental which initiated with series of garment with limited quantity and reasonable price, we will put each piece of those garment online and make all cost transparent. and you will see what will you paid for.  All styles will labeled by numbers i.e. 2 of 20. and we will not discount any of those pieces. we have confidence on sales for the limited amount of clothes. Pieces which are unsold where all listed as rental items on certain platforms. At the end of the season, all left piece will be donated to people who need them.  

We fully aware the the intellectual property right in this industry is very fragile. we also welcome the duplication on our ideas, but not the duplication on the pieces. 

The testing pieces will soon released during holiday season and the fully launched collection are expected on spring 2017.


4 rent